Material Light

Agency of Light
Diptych, C – Type prints, 50 x 60cm

These images – one positive and one negative – were created in a colour darkroom and as such have no ‘subject’. Colour is generally affiliated to ‘things’, but does not belong to them. It is not a substantial quality, but a variable, unfixable or temporal property. Each diptych in this series, consisting of a photograph and a photogram of a colour composition created with a simultaneous exposure, is a photographic exploration of ‘being’ and ‘nothingness’. Authenticity and reproducibility, primary colours and complementary colours, and eventually ‘things’ and shadows are all intermingled with each other, by virtue of the agency of light.

Byoung Joon Yoon, a photographic artist from South Korea, studied BA Photographic Arts in the University of Westminster. His major interest is the materiality of photographic media and its relationship with the representational nature of photography. He currently lives and works in Seoul, South Korea.