Material Light

Can you imagine a being more crazed with sadness than a messenger who can deliver nothing? – Mark Cousins

Inkjet prints on archival paper, 15×15 cm

The glass negatives depicted in this series were found by chance and photographed in sunlight, seeking to re-awaken them in the present. The scenes and figures imprinted on the glass are of unclear origin and their meaning is uncertain; the content seems to have dissolved into an inert materiality. Time has transformed them from images to abandoned objects, but capturing the moment of contact with the sun allows the object to become an image once again.

Working collaboratively, Alia Zapparova and Mia Cuk seek to explore and collect the insignificant in the everyday.
Alia Zapparova is an artist based in London. Having studied both philosophy and photography, she makes books and installations comprising photographs and text.
Mia Cuk lives in Novi Sad, Serbia, where she teaches photography at the Academy of Arts. She is an observer of the anthropogeography of the present and records sights, habits and relations of people within the non-spaces of everyday life. She contrasts her personal world with the fluidity of public encounters in her photographic studies of ephemeral experiences within society.