Material Light

Lustre is a series of twenty photographs exploring the surface of a single sheet of processed chromogenic colour paper. The work explores our engagement with the photograph as an object. By creasing and bending the paper support until an irreversible mark appears, the flat plane of paper becomes a sculpture. In the absence of an image, the traces left by handling are the only meaningful signs. Re-photographed, the paper is returned to its original two-dimensional form. Its emphatic blankness heightens the ambiguity of photographic space. The white surface, takes on an ethereal quality, the illusion of marks held in tension with the flatness of the image. The expanse of white blurs the distinction between the edges of the paper and the edges of the image, playing with our perception of illusion and reality.

Bindi Vora is a contemporary photographic artist. Utilizing various analogue processes, she takes inspiration from her everyday surroundings, including her personal archive. Bindi’s work teases out subtle marks and pigments within the materials she uses, such as negatives and photographic paper; the results often create vast spaces of color, light and subtle detail that contemplate ideas of perception and representation of the photographic print.
Bindi graduated from University of Westminster with a BA in Photographic Arts. She has participated several group exhibitions within London and Switzerland; has been published several times within edition magazine Balkon & Garten, Germany, as well as appearing on various websites including Troika EditionsMull it Over and For Example. She published her first photographic book In the blue light we failed in 2014 which was recently acquired by The Women’s Art Library at Goldsmith’s University, London and at University of the Arts, London. She is  a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster on the BA Photography course. She lives and works in London.