Material Light

MATERIAL LIGHT was curated by Allan Parker and Mia Ćuk, opening at the Cultural Centre of Belgrade at 8pm on the 30th of July 2015, continuing to the 22nd of August 2015.

The 58pp Catalogue in Serbian and in English (above) is also available from the BELGRADE Cultural Centre and in the National Library in Belgrade.
ISBN 978-86-7996-145-7

There was a panel discussion in the Podroom Gallery on the 31st July at 7pm
The panelists were:
Mihailo Vasilejvić – Co-director of the Centre for Photography in Belgrade
Allan Parker – Material Light Curator
Aliki Braine – Exhibitor and Art History Lecturer at the National Gallery in London
Jelena Matić – Director of the ArtGet gallery at the Cultural Institute of Belgrade
Mia Cuk – Assistant Curator of Material Light, Belgrade.

On 1st of August at 12noon there was a guided tour of the exhibition with exhibiting artists.

The Cultural Centre of Belgrade was founded in 1957 as a multidisciplinary cultural institution, whose informative and educational role was prevailing over the years of the post-war development of the new Yugoslav society and strict political and ideological divisions in the world. It was rather important to get information about the “outside” events within various domains and culture, as well as to send information about ourselves to the world. Thus, the Cultural Centre began its work as a large and well-equipped public library; the Art Gallery was opened afterwards (1961); and a movie theatre shortly (1963), which – as the well-known DKC (the Cultural Centre Movie Theatre) brought up generations of movie lovers. From the very beginning the Centre had an important role within the realm of the international cooperation as the organiser of numerous presentations of our artistic creations in the world, as well as of foreign ones in Belgrade.

We are very pleased to include four Serbian artists in this incarnation of MATERIAL LIGHT.

The Artists Exhibiting in Belgrade are:

Holly Birtles
David Blackmore
Aliki Braine
Rachel Cunningham
Jack Hirons
Allan F. Parker
Armenoui Kasparian Saraidari
Melanie King
Constanza Isaza Martinez
Peter Moseley
Deborah Parkin
Ivan Petrović
Andre Pinkowski
Natasha Ranganath & Nandini Bhotika
Sophy Rickett
Slobodan Stošić
Bindi Vora
Mihailo Vasiljević
Byoung Joon Yoon
Alia Zapparova & Mia Ćuk
Tereza Zelenkova

Julia Margaret Cameron
Henry Peach Robinson

The works by Julia Margaret Cameron and Henry Peach Robinson were kindly lent by The University of Westminster Archive. This year (2015) marks the 200th anniversary of Julia Margaret Camerons birth.

MATERIAL LIGHT – BELGRADE is curated by Allan Parker and is supported by The University of Westminster and The Cultural Centre of Belgrade

Special thanks to Mia Ćuk for her work in helping to realise the exhibition in Belgrade.
We would also like to thank Zorana Đaković at the Cultural Centre of Belgrade for her invitation and support.

Thanks also to: Vinarija Mackov Podrum, Irig, Serbia



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The Belgrade Cultural Centre is in the very centre of Belgrade and 10 minute walk from the Danube.
The currency is the Dinar, although Euros are easy to exchange.